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Meet Anna

18 year old Anna was single, just out of school, and not ready to be a parent. She found herself pregnant and felt that her only option was to have an abortion. She went to an abortion clinic on a Friday morning and received the news that they thought she was 8 weeks along.They told her that she was eligible for the Abortion Pill, which is a two pill process. The first pill stops the pregnancy from continuing by blocking the hormone progesterone. The second pill, taken within 72 hours from the first pill, expels the pregnancy. Anna took the first pill on Friday afternoon.

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Meet Sarah

Sarah was only 22 years old when she came to our clinic last August. She had just found out that she was pregnant with her third child. She was recently separated from her husband, under a lot of stress and unexpectedly pregnant. She knew that her family would not support her decision to abort, but since no one knew about her pregnancy yet, she considered abortion as a solution to her current situation. She came to our office anxious about her pregnancy, and unsure of what to do. At her appointment, we gave her the opportunity to pause and breathe. Sarah told us that she was a Christian, and allowed us to pray with her during her appointment.

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Meet Kate

Kate was twenty years old when she came into our office last August. She knew that she was pregnant, and was determined to have an abortion. She was struggling with resources and did not have much support. It was just not the right time for her to have a child, and an abortion was an easy fix.

When she arrived, she told us that she had expected to receive the abortion pill that day from us. We told her that while we would not provide her with the pill, we could give her a sonogram and provide her with the information that she needed about all of her options so that she could make a well-informed decision…

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