Meet Anna

Meet Anna

18 year old Anna was single, just out of school, and not ready to be a parent. She found herself pregnant and felt that her only option
was to have an abortion. She went to an abortion clinic on a Friday morning and received the news that they thought she was 8 weeks along.

They told her that she was eligible for the Abortion Pill, which is a two pill process. The first pill stops the pregnancy from continuing by blocking the hormone progesterone. The second pill, taken within 72 hours from the first pill, expels the pregnancy. Anna took the first pill on Friday afternoon.

Friday evening, Anna was frantic. She realized with horror what she had done. Anna texted Rockville Women’s Center (RWC) begging for help. The reversal procedure is time sensitive process and requires skilled medical assistance. RWC is not equipped at this time to do the abortion pill reversal, but quickly was in touch with the closest center that provides the process. The center, however, was 32 miles away and Anna did not have transportation.

RWC quickly ordered an Uber and got Anna to the clinic within 45 minutes of her call. The pregnancy was still viable and the reversal process was started.

Praise God! Anna is continuing with the regime for reversal and is being covered in prayer!