Meet Kate

Meet Kate

Kate was twenty years old when she came into our office last August. She knew that she was pregnant, and was determined to have an abortion. She was struggling with resources and did not have much support. It was just not the right time for her to have a child, and an abortion was an easy fix.

When she arrived, she told us that she had expected to receive the abortion pill that day from us. We told her that while we would not provide her with the pill, we could give her a sonogram and provide her with the information that she needed about all of her options so that she could make a well-informed decision.  We offered her information on her three options; parenting, adoption, and abortion. Initially, she did not even want to take the parenting and adoption information. She was absolutely determined to have an abortion.

Then, she saw her baby.

The moment that she saw her baby for the first time, she had a complete change of heart. Her ultrasound showed that Kate was already 20 weeks pregnant, and she could not believe how big her baby was. When she returned for her follow-up appointment, she told us that she had decided to parent. Seeing her baby on the screen made it real for her that she was, in fact, carrying her child. When we followed up with her in December, we were told that she had delivered her baby.

One more life saved!


*Patient’s name has been changed to protect privacy.