Answer the Call

Answer the Call

26-year-old Jasmine discovered she was pregnant shortly after moving to the US to live with her parents. Her mother made the call to RWC because Jasmine wanted to terminate her pregnancy.  Jasmine was quiet and noticeably nervous when she came to her appointment.  She assumed that she was about 10 weeks along and did not want the baby without the support of the baby’s father.  She was very determined to terminate her pregnancy and had taken medication to have a miscarriage.  

In the ultrasound room Jasmine anxiously watched the baby move during the sonogram. The sonogram confirmed her to be 24 weeks pregnant.  Jasmine was surprised and concerned about the fetal well-being.  She now had mixed feelings of terminating this late in her pregnancy. However, she was also concerned about having a baby that could potentially have deformities. 

Although Jasmine was conflicted, she was still leaning towards abortion and refused to schedule a follow up visit with us. After two months of trying to reach Jasmine, we connected with her.  And Praise God! She was still pregnant and her parents were supporting her in her journey. She was thankful to RWC for offering information which helped her make the decision to carry her baby to term

The cost to operate the HelpLine is $5,000 annually.  Will you join us in answering the call? Please make a donation today.  Thank you for creating a safe, nonjudgmental place for a woman to choose life. 

Merry Christmas to you and your family.