Welcome to RWC’s September Newsletter

Welcome to RWC’s September Newsletter

It’s September and fall is right around the corner. Seasonal changes are to be expected. What is unexpected are the many changes imposed by COVID-19 and how long the virus is staying with us. Our lives have changed in every way — schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, places of worship, just to name a few. Some of us are growing weary, we simply miss the physical social connection.

The only certainty during this pandemic season is God’s sovereignty and knowing that He is still in control. He is with us.

Thank you for continuing to pray for and support RWC and our services to abortion-vulnerable women and to families in need of material resources. Please take a moment to read what’s happening at RWC. You are a blessing to so many in our community. God bless you and your family.

Steffi Benjamin
Executive Director

Volunteer Opportunity for You!

Do you have 4 hours one day a week to help serve women facing an unplanned pregnancy? Are you compassionate, discreet, and have excellent listening skills? Then our Volunteer Patient Advocate position is for you. Complete the online application at rwcdonors.com/volunteer-application/ or contact La Toya Ormsby at [email protected]

Nicholas, born on July 24th and weighing 7lbs, is the newest addition to our RWC family. This young one boldly entered the world feet first which meant that Mom, Clarissa (not her real name) had to have a C-section. After delivery, Nicholas was placed in the NICU due to issues with his breathing. One month later, mom is happy to announce that he is doing well and is quite a little champ!

Monica (not her real name) came to the Rockville Women’s Center facing a difficult decision that could alter her life. She was in college and pregnant and not in a relationship with the father of her baby.

She was afraid and confused and felt pressured by her friends to have an abortion. Her mind was racing as she thought about finishing college, breaking the news to her family, or even having a baby as a single parent. Despite all this, Monica was not comfortable with the thought of having an abortion.

During her appointment at RWC, she learned about her options and she openly spoke of her faith in Christ and her love for God. Although she grew up in a Christian family and accepted Christ in middle school, she had not attended church in years. Her emotions were neutral as she processed the reality of her pregnancy. However, she seemed conflicted as she watched the baby’s heartbeat on the monitor in the sonogram room. At first, she refused a sonogram picture, but later changed her mind and asked for a copy.

By the end of the appointment, Monica was still conflicted and undecided about her pregnancy. She accepted a follow-up appointment but did not show up. A couple of weeks later, we followed up with Monica and she informed our advocate that she had chosen life! The decision was hard because the discussions with her family and the baby’s father were difficult. Still, she chose to carry her baby to term. Monica was happy to tell us that she had scheduled an OB appointment and was interested in participating in the parenting classes offered by RWC.

Join us on October 15 or 16, 2020 from anywhere in the world and be inspired by what God has done and continues to do at RWC. Get your front-row seat at rwcdonors.com/2020-embrace-life-gala.

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