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At Rockville Women’s Center, we believe that most women do not want to have an abortion but feel as though it is their only option. We seek to provide women with information and support in a professional, medical setting to empower them to choose life. If a woman feels support and security, she may be more open to choosing to have her baby.

Mission statement

Our mission is to empower abortion-vulnerable women to embrace life-affirming decisions.

Vision statement

To be the first stop for abortion-vulnerable women and a formidable force for advancing God’s plan for a life-affirming culture throughout the Washington metropolitan region.

Core values

We value integrity, respect, compassion, excellence, and teamwork.


Rockville Women’s Center (RWC) was founded by Gail Tierney, Thomas Welch and Christopher Mulsteff and incorporated in 1986. The doors officially opened in mid-1987 with the 501c(3) non-profit status. In 1999, RWC became a licensed medical clinic offering sonograms and pregnancy verifications. The name was then modified to Rockville Pregnancy Center. Gail Tierney one of our served as the first Executive Director of the Center and remained in that role until 2013.

In 2016, the Center moved into its new facility just outside of Twinbrook Metro and Betsy Evans was hired as the new Executive Director. Evans began analyzing patient statistics and determined that the majority of patients seen by the Center were not the target market of abortion-vulnerable women.

With this in mind, Evans decided to steer the Center in a new direction. In December 2016, the Center was accepted as a Project Multiply site with Bella Women’s Center and began streamlining operations. The patient experience was transformed so that every patient went through the same process and received the same information. New marketing strategies were established to more effectively reach abortion-vulnerable women. Around this time, the Center rebranded in order to appeal to a younger generation and the name changed to Rockville Women’s Center.

In 2019, we welcomed a new Executive Director, Steffi Benjamin to the team.


Rockville Women’s Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution. A PDF copy of our latest Form 990 can be downloaded here


When a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy comes to RWC, she receives information and resources to feel confident and empowered to make a life-affirming decision for her pregnancy.

Pregnancy Options Consultation

During our Pregnancy Options Consultation, each woman receives a free pregnancy test and is guided through the risks and hardships associated with abortion, adoption, and parenting. We seek to give her the information needed to make a fully informed decision. In each session, women are given the opportunity to talk about their faith and hear the Gospel.

Sonograms and STD testing

A woman with a positive pregnancy test receive a sonogram and STD testing. These additional services provide her with critical information about the viability of her pregnancy, and the associated spiritual, emotional, and physical risks associated with an abortion.

Effective Parenting Program

When a patient makes the decision to parent her child is invited to participate in our Effective Parenting Program (EPP). Classes are offered from the second trimester of pregnancy through the birth of the child. EPP offers one-on-one-parent mentoring where they cover topics such as pregnancy health, childbirth, and caring for young infants.

Pregnancy verifications

RWC provides pregnancy verifications for pregnant women who need referrals for county health insurance.

Abortion recovery

For women who have already experienced an abortion, RWC offers post-abortion counseling. Trained counselors work through an 8-week program with patients that focuses on restoration and forgiveness following an abortion.

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